You should be aware that Athletes in Action (“AIA”) and others may be taking photographs and video during this event.  Such photos and video are only taken in public areas of the event (e.g., sessions rooms, exhibit halls, etc.).


By clicking below, you are indicating your understanding and agreement to the following use of such photos and video (“Media”):


a.       You hereby grant to AIA and, without limitation, AIA’s affiliated ministries and licensees (collectively, “Ministry”), permission to perpetually, non-exclusively and on a fully-paid and royalty free basis use the Media:

a.       For use, storage, publication, display, performance, broadcast, podcasting or posting of the Media on or through paper and all technology such as internet, wireless, radio, TV, computer, mobile devices, and any other technology now known or later invented;


b.      For reproduction, quotation, or incorporation of the Media into other resources and complications in formats within Ministry’s choosing;


c.       For the purpose of use of the Media and resulting derivative works by Ministry, in its discretion in its activities, and for distribution, lease or sale.


b.      You also grant to Ministry, the perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free right to use your name, voice, likeness and other identifying characteristics embodied in or related to the Media with such uses, and you further waive any moral rights to such use of the Media.


c.       You release, discharge and agree to hold Ministry harmless from any liability of Ministry’s uses or blurring, distortion, alteration, illusion or use in composite form (whether intentional or otherwise) that may occur in the use of the Media.